Do you want a mop or a stove?

Several weeks ago the women at the church had a “pounding for me” so what exactly is a pounding? It’s a Texan tradition of bringing a newcomer a pound (here actually a kilo) of this and that to get them started in their new place. I was amazed at their generosity. They truly believe that it’s better to give than to receive. A sister from the church who was unable to make it called us and asked what we needed. My husband asked me and I without thinking said “maybe a mop”. The sister stated “no, I would like to bless you with a refrigerator or stove”. I laughed at my expectation. Today we went and got my stove. On the way back , I was thinking how often we come to God with a faithless request. We all have needs and most of us know that we can pray to God to meet those needs but where we fail is that we expect a mop when he wants to give us so much more. He my friend is a God that ownes the cattle on a thousand hills. He is a good God who promises to suply all of our needs according to his riches in Glory.


Caleb starts school

We found a private preschool with a great teacher student ratio so we decided to enroll Caleb in it. His first day of school was thursday. He had fun but I cried, its the mommy thing to do right? Caleb understands some Spanish but he speaks mostly English. This has caused me some anxiety because the teachers only speak Spanish and I want my child to be understood. The good thing is children adapt easily at this age. In no time, I know he will be speaking Spanish. At times it feels like he is a little monkey at a zoo because everbody wants to see him. They call him
“el guerito” (the little white boy). Caleb of course loves the attention.


First night in Arriaga, Chiapas

The house we moved into was abandoned for several weeks before we moved in. Enough time for critters and dust to live here rent free. The house has a lot of potential but it needs some serious TLC. It is a big house with lots of tile and windows that constantly requires mopping.

The first night that we stayed here, Ron found a scorpion in our kitchen. Then right before we were going to sleep I noticed another weird looking critter by my bed. I screamed and Ron killed it, the usual pattern lol. I cried myself to sleep that night. Every noise scared me. It was a very rough night. I kept thinking about what we left behind to come here. I was so upset that I could not even pray. Oh but the scriptures say that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning… and it did! A lady from the church came to help me clean. Ron sprayed for bugs and slowly some left. It’s Mexico so they tell me bugs come with the house. We also inherited 2 cats. I’ve never been a cat lover but since I was given the choice of rats or cats, I have decided to keep the cats 🙂

Praise Report: We got a call yesterday that a nicer house is available so it looks like we are going to be moving in 2 weeks.

NOTE from Ron: About 1,000 – 2,000 deaths occur each year in Mexico due to scorpion stings. I have killed five in our house since we arrived.


What will you choose?

The drive to Chiapas was amazing. One part of the trip involved driving in the state of Veracruz along the coast. We decided to stay the night in a hotel right on the beach. It was beautiful! At breakfast, I had to return to the room to get a sippy cup. On my way to the room, I noticed that the walls of the hotel had broken glass all along the top. It is a way to keep people from coming into private property. I thought to myself “that’s so sad that this beautiful hotel has to have that ugly glass” almost simultaneously, I looked down and noticed the most beautiful plants and flowers all along the same walls of the hotel. In that moment, I felt God speak to me about my life here in Mexico. Gently, I felt his spirit asking me what will I focus on? The ugly things or the beautiful things that Mexico has to offer.


Stuck in the States

“A person may plan his own journey, but the LORD directs his steps.”
Pr 16:9 (God’s Word Version)

We sold our house, parted with most of our material possessions and spent the last five weeks traveling the heartland. My original plan had us in Mexico by the first week in October. Instead we are stuck in Houston with our life packed in our truck struggling with the Mexican consulate to allow us permission to take it across the border.

Mexico or bust

It is easy to get frustrated when things don’t work out the way we planned, but when we step back and remember that God is in control we have peace knowing that He can see the bigger picture and His purposes extend way beyond our own. So instead of being anxious we are enjoying the extra time with Ivonne’s family in Houston and they are loving the time with the grand kids.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28 (KJV)


Give out of your need

From the Therapist’s desk-
Assignment 1 “Give out of your need”
If you were to walk in to my office the first assignment I would give you is to find someone who is going through a similar experience as yourself and help them out. Why would I give this assignment to a person dealing with depression? As humans, we have a condition called “navel gazing” also known as “me, me, me”. Focusing someone else completely goes against the temptation to place the magnifying glass on our own problems. I can not tell you how many times clients come back after completing this assignment and report feeling happier. It works because when we feel bad we don’t think we have much to offer but we do. Knowing that you took part in someone else’s peace and joy can motivate even a depressed person. It also helps you to see that you are not the only one experiencing these feelings. There will always be someone facing more struggles than ourselves. Give out of your need and you will be amazed how your needs will be minimized.


Leaving your spouse – not your kids

From the Therapist’s Desk

Today I went to court for a child custody case for one of my clients. I was reminded once again of the ugliness of divorce. Children are often the ones who pay the consequences. Each week they come in to my sessions so broken over mommy and daddy not being together anymore. I know that divorces are a reality in our country. Here are some things that could maybe help ease the pain of divorce on children.

Your children carry the same number of Chromosomes from each of you. When you criticize each other you are in many ways attacking the child’s own DNA.

When you decide to stop loving your partner, it does not give you the right to stop loving your children.

Child support is not due because your partner hates you. It is your responsibility to continue to financially support your children. The 20% of your income is probably not enough to take care of them so don’t think that there is extra for your partner to use.

Children often feel guilty about the divorce. You can help by not making them take responsibility for things that do not correspond to them.

Don’t tell children secrets to keep from the other parent. When you do is as if you were putting a backpack full of bricks on them and then telling them to hide it.

At times you will be inconvenienced just accept this as part of it because your children did not choose to live in two different households.

Children thrive when there is structure. They need to know when and where they are going to be. Provide them with a calendar and do your best to keep the schedule.

Be sensitive when introducing children to a new partner. Children most of the time fantasize about their parents getting back together. The new relationship is viewed as a threat therefore it will not be easily accepted.

Never ask children “who would you rather live with?” Children most of the time have no choice over this and often this question just makes them feel like they are betraying the other parent.

In sharing information ask yourself and be honest “why am I sharing this with my child?” if it’s just to vent then please call a friend

When they are with you act as if they are always there and make the most of it. Don’t try to make up for lost time. Play with them, and reassure them that you are still their mommy/daddy who will ALWAYS love them.