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Mouser Family - Nov 2011

Mouser Family - Nov 2011

September 12th, 2008 was officially the last day I worked for a set hourly wage guaranteed by an American employer. At the end of September my wife and I moved to the southernmost part of Mexico with our two small children to volunteer with “El Faro de Esperanza” in Arriaga, Chiapas on the coast of southern Mexico. El Faro, “The Lighthouse of Hope”, is the home for many wonderful kids that have faced abuse and abandonment. True to their name, the Lighthouse has brought hope to these children restoring both their integrity and identity.

I count it a priviledge to have participated in this wonderful work and to have served the church in Arriaga for nearly six years (three while I was single and three more with my family). Between 2008 and 2011 we saw the church where we served (pastored by Bill and Tammy Woods) grow, and the youth group we led more than doubled in size. We developed many great friendships and a real sense of family with the people. However in early December 2012, at the prompting of the Lord, we moved to the other side of the state to begin raising up a new work in the area of Comitan, Chiapas

We greatly miss being with the people in Arriaga but we are excited about what is coming next. God has already opened doors for us to immediately start working with two indigenous groups the Tzetal and Tojolabal. Just like the first time we again have a long list of needs/miracles, but we are confident in the Lord’s faithfulness, and grateful for your financial support and prayers. We rejoice in faith over what God will do. Ready to share testimonies of his healing power and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Thank you for opening this new chapter with us. Together we shall see the Lord glorified among the nations.

Ron, Ivonne, Caleb & Josiah Mouser
The Mouser family in 2008
Mouser Family - Sept 2010

Mouser Family - Sept 2010

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  1. Your finally in Mexico… And ready to start a new chapter in your life together. I know the passion you share for GOD and the desire you have to follow his call. I truely admire what you have done to get where you are now. My prayers are and will always be with you as you journey through life. I LOVE the web site you both did a great job.
    Love you all remember to kiss the boys daily for me. Talk soon Mom

  2. The Mouser Family:

    You have truly touched our lives, first by meeting you and purchasing your home and next by Ron informing my husband of a job lead. You both have certainly inspired and strengthened my walk with the Lord. With that lead of the job that Ron spoke to my husband about, well, he got the job. The Lord is ALWAYS working things together for the good. We thank you and you all are always and forever will be in our prayers! We appreciate you with all of our heart.

    God Speed!
    Steven and Freda Wheeler

  3. Hola amigos! We are so excited for this amazing new season in your life. We are so proud and overjoyed to see you following God’s lead for your lives- in Mexico. We’d definitely love to come visit and help sometime in the future. Love you all! Bendiciones!!!!

  4. You guys are certainly an inspiration and a big testimony for all of us who have a heart for missions and even for those who don’t understand our passion for the service. May the promises of our God go with you always (Psalm 121:5-8, 23:1-3; Mt. 19:29) and may our prayers continue with you along this journey that you will start soon.

  5. Thank you guys? there are no words to describe the sacrifice you’re making. You’re leaving everything for what you believe in and that has no earthly explanation. Thank you! you guys are true servants.

  6. LOVE the website. Ronnie you have done a fabulous job! I am so excited for your family and this next step in your life. Definately know that tu amiga esta orando para ti. In time, I look forward to visiting you on the mission field. Love you all so much!

  7. You will be in my prayers.
    i can tell that god STILL as a plan for you guys and I hope that someone will have the ears to listen to what you have to say about God well best of luck to you.

  8. Best of Luck and Love on your new life in Mexico! May the love of God always shine so bright in the both of you and the boys….

  9. My prayers are with you and your family as you take this wonderful journey. I am so happly you answered the call of God to do his will for your life. It was a true honor to have worked with you at CONEXIS. Please keep in contact. May God bless you and you keep always.

  10. WOW!! I am so happy to hear that you are doing God’s plan for your lives. You will be truly blessed and I will be praying for you and your family. Like I told you before I know that we do not talk like we used to but you are still the best friend that used to cry on my shoulder when we were in college and you are very dear to my heart. Be Blessed and God is with you and will give you FAVOR!!

  11. Our hopes and prayers are with you as you embark on this most important mission to guide these children. You are truly blrssed in this calling.

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