October 19, 2013 – A glimpse at what’s going on this week.

This week…

It didn’t take long for our ministry calendar to fill up again. Tomorrow (Sunday) we are taking a team to minister in a group of new villages. Should be a long but exciting day. Monday morning we will be heading out to a little village in the mountains named “Palmiras” where our family will begin weekly discipleship and evangelism.


Bible studies at the boarding school. This week Ivonne will be joining me! And if things work well with our sitter she may be teaching with me every Tuesday from now on. I have attached a picture with a few scenes from the school Bible studies below – 151 students in weekly discipleship classes!!!



Back to the Guatemalan border for yet another attempt to get the paperwork for our van.


Preaching in the village of Chihuahua.


Youth Bible studies in the city of Tuxtla Gtz (& 6 hrs of bus riding for me)

Please Pray

  • for the continued health of our family. Josiah and I (Ron) have been very sick this week.
  • for open doors in all the new villages
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About Ron

At the end of September 2008, Ron and Ivonne Mouser abandoned all of their earthly possessions that wouldn’t fit in their truck and moved to Arriaga Chiapas, Mexico with their two small children. In Arriaga, they helped administrate an orphanage, shared the pastoral responsibilities of a local church and built a thriving youth ministry. At the end of 2011 they left Arriaga to pioneer a new work among the marginalized people groups living in the poorest part of Chiapas near the city of Comitán.

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