Personal farewell message to Pastor Terry Culberson

Today July 25th the man I call pastor is retiring.

Due to our current responsibilities as missionaries in Chiapas, Mexico my family and I couldn’t be there for the farewell service at Covenant Christian Center in Fruitland, MO. We did, however, prepare this small video to be shared at the meeting.

If the above video doesn’t work, follow this link:

Personal farewell message to Pastor Terry Culberson

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About Ron

At the end of September 2008, Ron and Ivonne Mouser abandoned all of their earthly possessions that wouldn’t fit in their truck and moved to Arriaga Chiapas, Mexico with their two small children. In Arriaga, they helped administrate an orphanage, shared the pastoral responsibilities of a local church and built a thriving youth ministry. At the end of 2011 they left Arriaga to pioneer a new work among the marginalized people groups living in the poorest part of Chiapas near the city of Comitán.

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