Answered Prayers

We recently had a need for two of our Junior High girls to switch schools due to concerns about the quality of their education and peer pressure. This led us to inquire about a private Junior High here in town. Upon discovering the cost of tuition each month the team realized we could not afford to send them to that school so we began to pray about the situation and encouraged the girls to pray as well. A few days later we felt led to try a new approach and asked the school to partner with us in the girls education. They agreed to give us a 50% discount for each. We were so happy with the news but God surprised us with something even better. A woman from our church spoke to her husband about the situation and although he is not a believer, he offered to pay another fourth of the tuition. It was an amazing miracle of God’s provision.

Marina and Tania- beautiful sisters

Marina and Tania- beautiful sisters

The girls are thriving at the new school, and they know it was their father God who loves them and provided for them to be there.


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