2013 – Special Christmas Project

little girl in village

As you know the Christmas season is fast approaching. What you may not know is that some of the kids we are ministering to on a regular basis are among the poorest in Mexico and many never get a gift at Christmas. Together, you and I can change this. We will be doing several outreaches from Dec. 14-21 in these poor remote villages and part of our goal is to hand out shoe boxes full of gift items to all of the children. Each gift box will cost about $10 dollars. Could you pray to see how many you and/or your congregation can sponsor? Our estimate is we need boxes for around three hundred children but it will all depend on how many are sponsored.

If you are interested in helping meet this goal please use the donate button on our site or one of the donation methods listed on our donate page, then send us an email indicating how much was designated for the Special Christmas Project. ūüôā If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write. Please pray for this to be a fruitful outreach. Thank-you!

Have a wonderful Christmas season. We love you.
Ron, Ivonne & the boys


New Beginnings

It was great seeing many of you while we were in the USA this summer. Although the visits were brief we were very blessed. Returning to Chiapas, it didn’t take long for our ministry calendar to fill up again‚Ķ but we have made some changes.

Ivonne has joined my group of Tuesday night Bible study leaders at the boarding school (which now has 151 students). And she will begin offering counseling to some of the more troubled teens each Wednesday night starting next month.

Another change is our communication with you back home. Every month we will now be emailing a ministry update and, for those who would like to follow us a little closer, a VERY brief weekly update. If you would like to receive weekly or monthly updates , please follow the Newsletters link above or use the subscription form on any page of our website.

The New Church Plant in Palmiras

Please pray for the new church plant in Palmiras, Chiapas Mexico. We will be holding church services and discipleship courses in this here every Thursday. I’m truly excited to see what God will do in this sleepy little village in the mountains.


The Remote Jungle Trip – Rerouted

I had the great privilege of spending several days this month helping fellow missionary Nathan Terrell with the Global Encounters РRemote Jungle Team whose goal was a 5 day jungle hike visiting villages unreachable by modern means of transportation. Due to unforeseen circumstances (like ankle deep mud and getting slightly lost) the hike was shortened. The team, undaunted, decided to accompany me to two of the new villages where I am now ministering.

Caleb quoting scriptures in Spanish with kids from the church in Santa Ana

Caleb quoting scriptures in Spanish with kids from the church in Santa Ana

The GE team sang and shared testimonies at the tiny church in the village of Santa Ana and at the end of the preaching about 6 individuals came forward to receive Christ.  We were also able to install three water purification systems. If you are interested in sponsoring simple water filter systems to provide clean drinking water in rural areas like theseРplease contact us.



Also one of the team members wrote a blog post about their time with us in the villages. You can read it here.   http://globalencounter.com/2013/11/redirected/


Happy 5 Years on the Field!!!!

Mouser family Sept 2013

“We need to sell it now because the time is nearing for us to move to Mexico” Ron said, “I know! and God won’t let us down, we will sell it without a realtor just like He said” I replied.

It was June 2008, and our plans were to be moving to Chiapas by September. We needed to sell our home. One day during my prayer time I heard the Lord tell me that we were not to use a realtor and just to trust him. Ron felt good about it too and simply put a small sign on our yard. The days turned to months and no one came to see the house. It was Summer and we were aware it is the time most people buy. Ron and I started having some serious conversations about the next step. I started doubting, maybe I did not hear God, maybe it was just my wishful thinking. Ron made the decision to contact a realtor. She came over on a Saturday night and we made a good plan. We were all ready to sign but she had left a very important document at home. She explained that we could still sign and as soon as she could she would fax it to us. Ron and I immediately felt that we were not to sign. We apologized to her for making the hour drive to our house. Even though I had no idea how our house was going to sell, I had so much peace. The next day a couple knocked on our door asking about our house. They spent about an hour looking at the house and talking to us. They asked if they could come over the next day because they were very interested. The next day they asked a few more questions and told us they wanted to buy it. They told us the reason they had decided to buy our home was because we did not have a Realtor. They wanted to buy the house without a third party being involved. The timing was perfect. I can’t believe it was five years ago that this story took place.

Has God spoken to you about a situation? Have you allowed fear to drown out His voice? Even if you don’t yet see it, trust Him. He will do it!

Today we are celebrating 5 years on the mission field and they have been fun, wild and full of God! Thanks to all of you faithful supporters who have stood with us. We appreciate you!!


October 19, 2013 – A glimpse at what’s going on this week.

This week…

It didn’t take long for our ministry calendar to fill up again. Tomorrow (Sunday) we are taking a team to minister in a group of new villages. Should be a long but exciting day. Monday morning we will be heading out to a little village in the mountains named “Palmiras” where our family will begin weekly discipleship and evangelism.


Bible studies at the boarding school. This week Ivonne will be joining me! And if things work well with our sitter she may be teaching with me every Tuesday from now on. I have attached a picture with a few scenes from the school Bible studies below – 151 students in weekly discipleship classes!!!



Back to the Guatemalan border for yet another attempt to get the paperwork for our van.


Preaching in the village of Chihuahua.


Youth Bible studies in the city of Tuxtla Gtz (& 6 hrs of bus riding for me)

Please Pray

  • for the continued health of our family. Josiah and I (Ron) have been very sick this week.
  • for open doors in all the new villages

My schedule for the next week and a half:

Tomorrow (Thurs – Jan 17) preaching in the village of Chihuahua
Sat. preaching in Tuxtla & planning a village outreach with teens from the church (all day)
Sun. – preaching at Ichthus @11am
Tues – Ichthus bible study @8pm
Wed – Ichthus Bible class around 10am
Thur – preaching in the village of Chihuahua
Sat. – evangelism near Ixtapa with Tuxtla youth group
Sun – preaching in Torre Fuerte in Tuxtla @ 10am


Where is your testimony list?

“We really need to start putting at least $5,000 pesos away every month so we can pay for the delivery of the new baby ,” Ron said to me as we were driving away from the doctor’s office.

“That’s a lot of extra money to come up with,” I responded.

We needed to run some errands afterwards and as we drove around the city I remembered that it was during these dates last year we were desperately looking for a house. We were installed in a hotel and had three days to find a house. The first day nothing, the second day I fell in love with a house but it was way out of our budget. The owners still wanted us to come meet with them. I spent a lot of my time praying the night before. They met us and all they could say was “we feel good about you all”, they liked us and dropped the price. I was ecstatic! I knew it was God opening the door to our house.

Why do I share these little stories with you all? Because I do hope it encourages you but more than anything it is good for me to remember. You see right now we have a lot of needs, a new family car, bunk beds for our teams, money to pay for my delivery and the list goes on.

The tendency is to allow worry to come in when we are faced with our “needs” list but often what we need is to get out our “testimony” list to remember all of those times God has been faithful.

During our Christmas party someone handed Ron a Christmas card. Inside the card we found $5,000 pesos. Only God knew of the conversation my husband and I had in the car a few days before. God provides for his children. To HIM be ALL the glory!


Cielo Nuevo Youth Camp

The Cielo Nuevo youth camp was a big success! Aside from all the fun and games about 80 kids recommitted their lives to the Lord & 6 came forward to receive Christ for the first time. I am very excited to see what God will do with this group.

Cielo Nuevo Youth camp7

Cielo Nuevo Youth camp fire

Cielo Nuevo Youth camp -shoes